Membership & Services

Membership & Services

Any person anywhere in the world, who is engaged – directly or indirectly – in the promotion and breeding of Boerboels, is eligible for membership of SABBS. Subject to relevant conditions in the Constitution, members in good standing enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote (in person or electronically in absentia) at general meetings, and the right to be elected to the Board.

Please download the Membership Application Form for your region, and contact the SABBS Office if you have any queries, or need assistance in joining SABBS from any other region.

Birth Notification

SABBS requests members to submit birth notifications of all puppies from a litter – regardless of whether they will be sold with a view to registration as pets, in any of the other registers, or had died. This is important for database and breed development programmes.

Breeders must submit birth notifications via Logix. (Registration as a user is essential).

The whole litter must be recorded simultaneously within 1-120 days after birth. The birth registration fee increases substantially for notifications received after 120 days. There is also an additional levy on birth notifications submitted individually. See Subscriptions & Fees for the various regions.

There is no cost for the first transfer of ownership of a puppy/dog (or name change) from a breeder to an owner. Therefore, breeders may initially submit only a number or temporary name for a puppy, as this will be changed free of charge when it is transferred to the new owner.

A puppy will be birth registered only if the breeder is a SABBS member, both parents are registered with SABBS, their DNA profiles are on record, and it has been microchipped (number required). Without this information the registration (and transfer of ownership if applicable) will not be processed.

The birth certificate will be sent to the breeder for forwarding to the new owner. Prospective buyers should request proof from breeders that dogs have been – or will be – birth registered to ensure they will receive the required documentation, and be eligible for appraisal at the qualifying age (12 months minimum).


To register as a breeder, a member must own at least one SABBS’ registered female and have been allocated a unique prefix (stud or kennel) name.

SABBS requires – among others – that:

  1. Only appraised dogs be used for breeding.
  2. Breeding dogs are not younger than 12 (twelve) months of age.
  3. A dog is not bred with an unregistered Boerboel or a dog of another breed.
  4. The dog was appraised at a minimum of 75%.
  5. Breeding stock are tested for hereditary genetic diseases prior to breeding.
  6. A service (mating) certificate is submitted to the Office if the male used for stud services does not belong to the breeder.
  7. For the registration of offspring DNA profiles of both parents are record, and such offspring have microchips.
  8. Stored frozen semen used for artificial insemination are registered with the Registrar of Animal Improvement (legal requirement) and have been DNA-profiled.
  9. Breeders ensure/undertake that buyers receive all documentation when dogs leave their premises. These include: birth notifications/registration certificates, transfer of ownership confirmation, inoculation, health and microchip certificates, the codes of conduct, a sales agreement, guarantees and transport or export permits – where applicable.


At present, SABBS hosts appraisal days in South Africa, Namibia, Africa, North America, Canada, the UK, Europe and Scandinavia throughout the year. The dates of appraisal days appear under Diary.

Members interested in helping to host and arrange additional appraisal events, are welcome to submit requests to their regional representatives, or to the coordinator, Anemarí Pretorius(

The following requirements must be met when presenting a dog for appraisal:

  • One of the following must be submitted:
    • The Birth Certificate, in the case of a first appraisal, or
    • The Registration Certificate, in the case of a reappraisal.
  • The dog must be at least 12 (twelve) months old.
  • The dog must be microchipped.

The Head Office sends registration certificates to members after the appraisal results have been checked and processed by SA Stud Book. The Office will issue a registration certificate and publish the appraisal results of a particular dog only if all documentation (e.g. birth certificate, microchip number, and DNA profiles of both parents) are in hand.

Appraisal results are also published on the web as they become available, and provide valuable information on how the offspring from various Boerboel studs performed at their appraisals.